Styling a Midi Dress for a Formal Event

An attire that falls between the knees and ankles lengthwise is called a midi dress. Such kinds of dresses are very suitable for multiple occasions due to their length. However, midi dresses have their own challenges when you are preparing to attend a formal event. Regardless, they will always be known for their comfort and versatility.

In this article, we will go through all the aspects that will help you perfect the art of styling a midi dress for any formal event. This includes having the right dress, accessorizing, hairstyling, makeup and final touches. We will also cover various examples of a midi dress, a midi wedding guest dress is one of them. 

Choosing the right midi dress for a formal event

Consider the dress code

When going for a midi dress in a formal event, keep the dress code in mind. If the invitation is for a black-tie event, you should prefer opting for a more formal dress, such as a floor-length gown. However, if the invitation is less formal, then feel absolutely comfortable with the midi dress option. It’s best to choose solid colors like black, navy or neutral hues. 

Choose a fabric that suits the occasion

If the event is held in summer, you should have a midi dress made out of lightweight fabric such as cotton or linen. However, go for heavier fabrics like velvet or cool in the winter. The fabrics are fundamental for a midi dress as it impacts the wearer’s comfort and appropriateness for a formal event. 

Select a style that flatters your body type

Selecting a style that flatters your body type is an integral part of choosing the right midi dress for a formal event. For example, if you have an hourglass figure,  you can go for a dress that cinches at the waist. Just like that, if you have a pear-shaped body, you can opt for a dress that gleams out from the waist to balance out your figure. 

Consider the Length of the Dress

When going out for a formal event, length becomes an essential factor for a dress. Midi dresses come in a variety of lengths, ranging from below the knee to above the ankle. It’s important to choose a length that suits the occasion and complements your body type. If you are taller, a lengthy midi dress may be more appropriate, whereas shorter women may opt otherwise based on length. 

Pay Attention to Details

Embellishments, lace or ruffles are great add-ons on a midi dress, especially when you want to wear it for a formal event. However, it’s important to not have overwhelming details on the dress that will make it a little tacky. Consider a dress with elegant details that complements its overall style and does not carry excessive embellishments. 

Take into Account the Time of Day

Your choice of midi dress can be influenced by the time the formal event takes place. Lighter fabrics and less formal styling are perfect for daytime events. However, you may go for a more formal outlook and darker colors for the evening. 

Consider the Season

Seasons can affect your choices while wearing a midi dress. For example, if the event is during summer, go out with a floral dress in bright colors carried gracefully on a lightweight fabric. On the other hand, if the event happens during the winter or even during the fall season, you may go for a midi dress in darker hues with lengthy sleeves and heavy fabric. 

Take into Account Your Personal Style

Ultimately, your personal style matters the most when going for a midi dress for a formal event. Although it’s important to consider the dress code, fabric, length & other factors, it’s really important to choose the right dress based on your personal style, one which makes you feel confident and comfortable. Consider a midi dress that matches your taste and complements your distinctive features and personality. 

Accessorizing a midi dress for a formal event

Choosing the right shoe

Heels are the safest and most elegant options when it comes to footwear for formal occasions. For something more comfortable, pumps are also a great option. Strappy sandals with a low heels go well with a midi wedding guest dress. 

Adding statement jewelry

Statement jewelry gives a touch of glamour to a midi dress. Necklaces and earrings are the most popular options. For example, chandelier earrings can add a touch of allure and pearl necklaces fit right to add a touch of glamour to the midi dress. 

Selecting a clutch or handbag

Clutch bags are best for formal events. Its size and elegance are compatible with the midi dress. If you are wearing a purple midi dress, you can go for a clutch bag in a complementary color. Gold and silver are good options for clutch bag colors. 

Hairstyles and makeup for a formal event

Elegant updos

To add a touch of sophistication, elegant updos will work best for you. You can pick from a variety of styles from classic bun to sleek chignon. 

Soft curls

To capture a more relaxed and natural look, go for soft curls in the formal event. Either go with a curling iron to create lost waves or opt for a soft perm. 

Classic makeup look

When it comes to makeup for a formal event, a classic look is always in style. You can opt for a bold lip color or a smokey eye, but it's important to keep the rest of the makeup minimal.

Final touches

Pay attention to details

It’s important to pay attention to all the details after styling a midi dress for a formal event. This includes dressing correctly, wearing polished footwear and wearing clean and shiny jewelry. Small details can put on a significant impact on your overall look. 

Don't over-accessorize

While accessorizing can add glamour to your look, beware of overdoing it because it determines the success and failure of your outfit. Your overall look can appear cluttered if you glitter yourself with way too many accessories. It’s best to choose a few statement pieces and keep the rest minimal. 

Dress confidently and comfortably

Last but not least, when concluding your finishing touches, know that in the end, how you will ace your look depends on how confidently you dress. If you feel uncomfortable in your own apparel, it will show in your body language and adversely impact your overall confidence. Choose a dress that gives you comfort and resonates with your definition of beauty. Don’t be afraid to do minor adjustments to feel comfortable during the event. 


With the right dress, accessories, hairstyles, makeup and detailing, you can style and ace your look in any midi dress for a formal event. To choose a midi dress is to opt for a style that flatters your body type, whether it’s a midi wedding guest dress or a purple midi dress. Accessorize in statement pieces and make sure you are comfortable and confident throughout the event. Now you are fully prepared to turn heads at any formal event because who else would be worth so much admiration?