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When you're looking for a dress that's soft, light, airy, and will fit anywhere from a casual day at home to an elegant evening out; this is the dress. The elegance of maxi dress is sure to evoke the inner goddess making everyday wear effortless. These maxi dresses for women will feel light as air, and consists of the unique hand-block printing in a gamut of colors, designs & patterns.

The tiered silhouette falls into subtle pleats, making it ideal for everyday wear or more formal occasions like dinner parties. Pair these cute summer dresses with sandals for an easy summertime look or add some accessories for an evening ensemble that’s sure to make heads turn. You can also nail maxi dresses with a professional add-on of accessories to make them look perfectly compatible for the office trends. No matter how you style it, this versatile & colorful maxi dress is sure to become one of your go-to favorites!

There is an immense amount of symbolism embedded in hand-block printed maxi dresses. These dresses exude an unmatched energy of femininity and therefore come in an array of cuts and sizes to ensure that you rock your identity the best way possible. Besides the essence of femininity, the prints also remind us of the deep cultural roots the designs and patterns come from, narrating an untold story of a region that couldn’t be described better if it was not by these hardworking artisans who curate these wonderful works of art from dyed wooden blocks.

Talking about the deep traditional roots, it is very interesting to note that hand-block printing techniques have been in existence for centuries. Believed to have been started in ancient China, hand-block printing has been further pioneered by Indian and Egyptian civilizations as well. Eventually, hand-block printing techniques spread out to Western places like Europe through influence and gained a massive recognition for being a well-centered attraction in terms of best hand-crafted products, whether it was in fashion, home decor, or anything else.

If you still think why you need a hand-block printed maxi dress despite everything in your wardrobe, then don’t worry, we are as much dedicated in embedding trust towards our product as you are in looking good. Check out the following features of a one-of-a-kind outfit:

  • Soft textured surface
  • Made from 100% cotton fabric
  • Clean cut silhouette
  • Sophisticated tiered design
  • Tiered silhouette & flattering cut
  • Designed with a refined style

Above all, it’s the uniqueness of the dress that will mesmerize your mind the most amongst its features. The handmade nature of these dresses is what makes them unique since every piece advocates for the idea of innovation over replication of perfection, with the latter being a popular concept amongst machine-made goods. So in a certain way, the irregular nature of prints on the dresses help you embrace the power of beauty in perfection. So, what are you waiting for? Maximize Your Style Savings Today with the Discounted Price!