If you are seeking an authentic, auspicious, and traditional fit of a magnificent attire, you have visited the right place and will get the right fit irrespective of your body type and taste. With over 20 years of experience in line, Indo Libas has been revolutionizing traditional artistry and fabric crafting like no other. We are a team of innovative minds and hard-working artisans based in Jaipur, Rajasthan under the guidance of Mr. Rizwan Ahmed, the creative head of Indo Libas.

We diversely cover all forms of preferences with the best shades and prints. Each piece has its own unique aura coming from artisanal innovation. We are looking forward to meaningful partnerships with notable firms that want to engage in sincere efforts towards the betterment of the lives of garment workers and an eco-friendly impact in the fashion space. . 

Our scope for collaboration is open to all ranging from small to medium-sized garment organizations and even designers worldwide. We have adequate experience in dealing with clients from the United States of America, Australia, Thailand, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

Your orders are essential in contributing to the ethics of encouraging artisanal work, fair trade, cultural textile work, and transparent, team-oriented management. All of this and more is possible by collaborating with us. In a bigger picture, we want to pioneer the use of organic textiles and promote sustainability around the world, a cause we care about so much.

Hand block printing on cotton
Home furnishing items
Kid's garments
Women's garments

Our Products

Hand-Block Printed Cotton Fabrics: In the ever-changing realm of fashion which is run by a fast-paced world, there is something deep and meaningful about the slow and detail oriented process of hand-block printing. Our exquisite collection of hand-block printed cotton fabrics come into fruition through the skill, patience and hard work of the most talented artisans that have existed and thrived for generations in the art community. If you want hand-crafted products to become an integral part of your business, look no further than Indo Libas and your customers will surely take pride in choosing to buy the most unique, handmade textile work from you. We specialize in producing maxi dresses, midi dresses, mini dresses and tops for women.

Digitally Printed Cotton Fabrics: The modernity of digital printing is indeed a thing of appreciation as we absorb the constant evolution of fashion. Our digitally printed cotton fabrics are a product of a mind-blowing blend of technology and artistry to perfection. We ensure that every detail is captured with clarity and no short mistakes are overlooked at any cost. The one who adores it is down to get captivated by florals, drawn to geometric patterns, and enjoy experiencing other diverse kinds of digital prints as well.

Screen Printed Cotton Fabrics: The process of screen printing involves a very delicate work of pushing ink through a finely made mesh screen that creates intricate patterns on the fabric. The screen printed fabrics are a solid inspiration for your potential as a creative fabric enthusiast, irrespective of whether you are an organization or a person. Each piece is indeed a work of art that you cannot merely capture in words, it is something to be absorbed when appreciating the aesthetic value of the product. The high-quality cotton perfectly makes up for comfort.

Hand-Block Printed Dresses: If you are interested in providing the enduring charm of hand-block printing to your customers, our collection of hand block printed dresses for women is just the right choice to invest in. Each dress is a heartfelt effort to spread love for the traditional art form of hand-block printing. Our in-house artisans approach each dress with innovation. Every dress peaks top-tier designing in diverse forms. With style, these dresses are an all-rounder and complete your comfort needs as well.

Our Services

Besides our products, our manufacturing services include a wide range of facilities that you won’t find conveniently anywhere else. This will ensure that you don’t have to outsource and assemble different tasks from different places, saving you a lot of time, money and effort.

Complete Manufacturing/CMT

  • Pattern-making/grading
  • Sampling
  • Fabric sourcing
  • Dyeing/printing
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality assurance
  • Packing/export shipping

Quality Assurance

  • Customer Service
  • Measurement and construction check during production Post-production visual check

Customer Care Service

  • Regular Email Updates
  • Telephonic Consultations.

Export Shipping

  • All manufacturing orders are delivered by air.


  • Versatile dresses for women that are suitable for all times and places.
  • Quality tailor work with a detail-oriented approach.
  • Poplin, sateen, twill, canvas, plain weave (voile, sheeting, cambric) and percale GOTS-certified organic cotton.
  • Hand block printed work by skilled artists using pigment printing and water based binders.
  • Natural fabrics such as cotton are obtained from GOTS-certified organic or cottage industry sources in India. One such example is that of handloom fabric for obtaining khadi.


  • We lend services ranging from complete manufacturing to CMT services to both independent designers and established brands.
  • Carving wooden blocks for personalized motifs.
  • Sampling fabrics for organic cotton, linen, and even handloom ‘khadi’
  • Delivering facilities for custom products are available as well.
  • We specialize in all the essential procedures such as solid color dying using low-impact colors and custom block print production.
  • All work is an input of in-house process and aligns with the values of fair trade labor standards.


  • Making patterns.
  • Sampling.
  • Manufacturing samples.
  • CMT manufacturing or full-service manufacturing.
  • Assurance of quality (checking is done at each stage of manufacture).
  • Packing and air freight export shipping.

Quality Assurance Process

  • Quality checks are held at each stage of the production work.
  • Visual inspection of the fabric is done before and after dyeing. We are also committed to accuracy and color inspection during the process as well.
  • A thorough check-up is carried out even during production, measurement and construction as well.
  • Post-production inspection includes a visual examination of the fabric, seams, alignment, overall look, assurance of no loose threads, and accessory checkup (e.g. buttons and labels)
  • After pressing and packing, a final look at the product is taken.


  • Order of garments MOQ is 100 pieces total order, 25 pieces per style for up to four sizes, with a MAX-OQ of 2,500 pieces.
  • The home furnishing order MOQ is 250 pcs (per style MOQ varies between 10 and 50 pcs) with a MAX-OQ of 5,000 pcs.
  • The minimum order quantity for hand-block printed fabric is 200 meters per print & color, with a maximum order quantity of 10,000 meters.
  • The minimum order quantity for fabric dyeing is 200 meters per color, with a MAX-OQ of 30,000 meters.

Quality Assurance/Design Protection

  • Every garment work is in-house work.
  • We commit to in-house block printing with dyes and solid color dyeing on wovens.
  • You have our word on protecting all of our customers’ designing ideas at all stages of manufacturing.

Beyond Our Scope

  • We have exempted ourselves from working with synthetics, wool, knits, high-performance fibers, leather, mill-made products, or plastics. We only use fabric sourced from India.
  • Digital printing, tie and dye and machine roller printing are the production options not available in our area of expertise. We provide custom block printing and occasionally avail a limited edition facility of hand screen printing by the way of special arrangement.
  • We do not make personalized printed tote bags, nappy bags, mesh produce bags, baseball caps or hats.
  • We do not provide machine embroidery. We only offer single-line hand embroideries, such as a Kantha stitch line or blanket stitch edge.// We do not take work in machine embroidery. We only offer single-line hand embroideries, such as blanket stitch edge or Kantha stitch line.
  • We have no service involving vegetable dye printing for custom orders; instead, for block pGOTS-compliant use water-based binder pigment colors that are GOTS- compliant

Contact Us Now For Custom Manufacturing!

Contact us for this amazing opportunity if you are looking for an ethical manufacturer in India that follows all the standards to ensure fair trade work. We work with all designers and brands irrespective of their scale of work from small to medium.

Reach out to us to confirm in case there is an opening for your firm in our production schedule for the latest customers. If you are interested in teaming up for block printing or straight up customer manufacturing, please contact

Please include the following business contact information and details in your email:

  • Your given name.
  • Name of the company or brand.
  • Address.
  • Website or online presence.
  • A brief description about your company.
  • A clear brief of your manufacturing demands.

We will get back to you within a standard time frame of at least a couple of days. Our values are based on selflessness in cooperation where we seek the welfare of both parties rather than just us. We are looking to build long-term relations that will mutually benefit both of us and bring us a step forward in attaining our sustainability goals.

If we are a good enough match for your manufacturing needs, we will send you our Designer Guidelines file which has all the required information in an elaborate format. It comprises relevant things about pattern making/grading, MOQ, manufacturing and CMT, fabric sourcing, sampling, dyeing/printing, payment and shipping. You can visit our website for all the product listings.

We are indeed very excited to hear from you and fulfill your expectations in accordance with our production schedule and therefore grow a fair trade business. Our business goals are centered around forming trustworthy, long-term relationships with all of our clients as we believe teamwork is a key factor in scaling ethical fashion to its greatest degree.

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