How to Accessorize Your Tops for a Chic Look

A stylish outfit, no matter how good, feels incomplete without some good accessories. Accessorizing is all about elevating your look to a new level. Hence, adding flair & reflecting more of your personality with what you wear. In this article, we will discuss the go-to way of accessorizing for a perfectly chic look and also look into some adorable tops for women that are most compatible with accessorizing. 

Choosing the Right Top for Accessorizing

Accessorizing only looks as good as the choice of your dressing, so it’s important to choose the right top that eases accessorizing. Go for simple cuts and clean lines in a top for women. This gives you the space to accessorize yourself in different ways without overwhelming the outfit. Some pink-colored tops that work well are fitted crop tops, t-shirts &  flowy blouses


Adding a necklace is the simplest way of accessorizing a top, but the most compatible way as well. Statement necklaces represent boldness, whereas delicate necklaces give a minimalistic and sophisticated aura. Layering necklaces are best for giving off a bohemian vibe. Gold and silver-colored necklaces exude a showstopping glamour when added to a top. 

Ear Rings

The right choice of earrings is instrumental to compliment the necklace you are wearing. They can put more emphasis on your grace along with a pink top. For a classic outlook, stud earrings, though underrated, work well. Give it a shot to hoop earrings for a trendy and bold look. Chandelier earrings steal the show by adding a touch of glamour and sophistication. When it comes to pink tops, earrings with pink or rose gold tint for an integrated look. 


Bracelets are a great way to shine your wrists and catch up to the brightness of a cute pink top. Bangle bracelets are adaptable and attractive, whereas cuff bracelets facilitate making a bold statement. For a fanciful touch, go for charm bracelets with any outfit. When complementing pink tops, consider layering bracelets of varying sizes and textures for an all-bohemian aura. 


Glamour and sophistication at minimum space is a one-of-a-kind feature of rings. Statement rings flawlessly emit a bold look. Stackable rings cover an understated look with minimalism perfectly. For adding exceptional glamour to your hands, go for cocktail rings along with a pink top. As said for earrings, choose the same color for rings in pink or rose gold tint for a cohesive outlook. 


Scarves have that diverse nature to them that can be found in varied prints and textures and can put on another dimension of effortless styling to your outfit. Silk scarves go well for a smooth & modish look whereas infinity scarves have a more casual and cozy vibe to them. For whimsical energy, go with patterned scarves on your pink top. When accessorizing with scarves, consider pairing it with pink tops while keeping the preferred color of the scarf in mind. Go with hints of pink or other complementary colors. 


To create a flattering silhouette, what can be more compatible as an accessory than a belt? Skinny belts are the best choice to make a minimalist and understated look, while wide belts create an assertive look. Braided belts equate with the perfect bohemian vibe. Consider accessorizing yourself in belts with complementary colors. For a pink top, belt colors such as black and white can integrate well with the overall look. 


Bags can encourage the style that comes with your cute pink top. Crossbody bags are best for a casual and relaxing outlook whereas clutch bags give a more formal and elegant sense. Tote bags resemble practicality and hence add functionality to a pink top. Choose bags with pink hues or other complementary shades to go with your pink top, such as beige and brown. 


Shoes are a super-necessary accessory that can decide the success of an outfit. Heels are great for giving a dressy and polished look, whereas flats cover a casual and comfortable vibe. Boots are fashionable and flawless for a bohemian theme. Shoes in nude or black color compliment pink tops the best. 

Hair Accessories

For a fanciful way to accessorize your cute pink top, look no further than hair accessories. For a bohemian and relaxing outlook, go for headbands. For a touch of glamour and smoothness, go for hair clips. When accessorizing with a pink top, choose hair accessories of pink shade or complementary colors such as gold or silver. 


As practical and stylish as they come, sunglasses have their way of giving a proper closure to your outfit for an integrated look. Vintage and feminine looks can be easily aced with cat-eye sunglasses, whereas aviator sunglasses represent coolness in trend. Oversized sunglasses stand for glamour. Black or tortoiseshell shades are perfect for complementary sunglasses to your pink tops. 


Watches are a timeless essential of gadgets for an ordinary life. However, they are also a staple for many kinds of outfits. Nothing adds elegance to your tops for women like a watch. Classic leather watches nail the minimalist theme flawlessly. Metal watches give a bold and statement look. When accessorizing with watches, consider combining them with complementary colors. Gold and silver are ideal colors to create a cohesive look. 


Nail polish is a playful approach to accessorizing your adorable pink top. Bright & bold colors are just the color for giving an outstanding touch. Pastel colors specialize in creating a soft and feminine look. Metallic nail polish gives a touch of glamour to your outfit. Nail polish should be best equipped in complementary colors and patterns for a cohesive look. 


In creating a stylish look, it is important to accessorize yourself. Nowadays, choosing the right type of accessories plays a vital role in creating a fashionably stunning outfit. And there are endless possibilities to do so with products such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, scarves, bags and many more. But don’t get overwhelmed with the range of accessories, make sure you have fun and experiment with them to find your perfect look effortlessly.