Rock On Anywhere With Amazing Block Print Dress

Let’s start off by asking a question, would you miss any chance to grab a rare, ethnic block-printed dress at highly affordable rates? Well, we know that the answer on behalf of everyone would be a strong no! But why is that so? You see, hand-block printed dresses are not just your typical machine-made dress that produces loads of copies for everyone, leaving an impression of a monotonous fashion statement in this ever-changing world. Everything produced by machines gets drowned under the massive waves of new fashion trends every other day.

But that’s not the case for block-printed dresses. If you know that you won’t miss a chance to buy one such dress no matter the situation, then you know their true worth.  These dresses don’t compete with the other dresses that are produced for the sake of replication. They stand out as unique and bold on the one who adorns it. Each print is a story told for centuries from various cultures across the world, so no trend surpasses this elegance till the end of time. Every print leaves its own impression of versatility, every dress is capable of shining the wearer anytime, anywhere.

These dresses have been a staple of the fashion industry for a long time, and how multiple brands and renowned independent designers portray them for their creative projects is evidence of their excellence in capturing eyes with awe. Block dresses for women, therefore, are indeed symbolic of much bigger entities that shape society other than individual choices.

On global standards, you will recognize hand-block printed dresses as the most popular choice in the South Asian continental region of Bangladesh, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. However, the influence of these dresses is slowly taking over the West as well. Do not fall under the false impression that block-printed dresses are only adorned by and only suit women of a particular ethnicity. Your personal choice of loving these dresses should not be impacted by such norms, and therefore, trust that there is a beautiful block-printed dress for every woman in this world.

Let’s dive into more reasons for what makes these dresses the ideal choice for every woman no matter where you go from a morning birthday party to an evening date or even a night out. Yes, with the same dress and different accessories for each time, you can be ever ready for every special moment of your life irrespective of whether it’s short summer dresses, midi dresses, or maxi dresses for women. And if you don’t vibe with social events that much, take it as your ideal, casual wear for acing elegant looks in regular, daily life. 

Block Printing, An Art For The Centuries

Starting off as a prominent piece of art history with Chinese, Egyptian, and Indian civilization movements, block printing was quick to spread its wings with each historical event taking place further in time. For example, with the advent of colonial rule in India, the art and influence of block printing slowly captured the European continent as they started using printed fabrics in items such as pillow covers, bed sheets, etc.

The process of hand-block printing is the one that tests human patience to its greatest degree. So when it comes to artistic talent, the people behind this technique are no ordinary artisans. First, you ideate on designs. Once approved these designs are then carved on wooden blocks very carefully. These blocks are then pressed on natural dyes, which are generally made out of vegetables. A different block is used for different colors when one applies multiple shapes and patterns on the same fabric. The dyed block has to be pressed firmly on the fabric. Then these fabrics are left carefully in an open, shady space so that the color can dry out. 

When it came to designing and creating beautiful motifs and patterns, each culture gave its own spin and hence adopted this one-of-a-kind art as its own extension. From the delicacy of Japanese woodblock prints to the vibrant details of Bagru prints from the state of Rajasthan, India, block printing has indeed evolved into a delicate and cherished tradition.

As far as making hand-block printed dresses for women is concerned, it is believed that pioneers of this tradition were actually women of various regions in the Asian continent, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh & Pakistan are some countries to name a few. 

Shop Now for Best Block-Printed Dresses

To wrap it up, it is easy to observe that we live in a world surrounded by garment trends changing faster than time slipping away. But that’s where hand-block printed dresses like cute summer dresses with hand-block floral prints come to serve as the beacon of hope for individuality and expression of artistry. These dresses, rooted in the tradition of block printing that has been flourishing for centuries despite its existence on contemporary grounds, have single-handedly led people out of the monotonous tone of the machine-made fashion industry. It’s because of these block-printed dresses that people have escaped from a place where plain, repeated perfection rules over creativity and uniqueness.

The history of block printing is easy to understand but is a long one to grasp since it has been running into the cultural veins of various societies for multiple centuries. Few art processes are as meticulous as the process of hand block printing, so that’s another reason that makes the creations of this technique a magnificent product. Moreover, despite the efforts required, talented artisans have been working and innovating on this artistry for multiple generations, which adds up to the timeless essence of block-printed dresses.

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