The Fashion Trend That's Taking Over in 2023: Hand Block Printed Dresses

Every year, fashion keeps on evolving with styles that tend to outshine others in an intense competition of what suits best and looks best in the textile business. The trends come and go with lightning-fast swiftness. Amid all this intense pitching for contemporary waves of stylish clothing, hand-block printed dresses stand apart exuding shine of their own. Even though these garments have been part of the cultural repertoire for many years, they have begun to become prevalent in the fashion world. 

These outfits are a masterful blend of beauty and function with a timeless essence. In this blog, we will get to know why hand-block printed maxi dresses are in their prime time of demand in 2023 and why you should add them to your wardrobe. 

About hand-block printed dresses

Bella Block Printed Top is one of the many clothing products of the time-honored Indian craft of block printing. The technique consists of producing a pattern on a block of wood using sharp tools. The type of wood used is generally teak wood, which is dipped in the dye before pressing the motif onto the fabric. Such a technique of textile printing using the hand-block method can be traced back to the 12th century. It has been employed on other materials as well besides clothing. 

Although the hand-blocked printed dresses were already popular in India, they are now attaining international recognition too. The fabrics are of lightweight and airy nature. The intriguing, one-of-a-kind designs add a fanciful appeal to the comfortability that comes with the fabric. This makes the dress ideal for sweaty summer months and because of the graceful motifs and lightweight fabrics, the hand-block printed dresses are also becoming a top trend for 2023! 

The history of block printing

With a history wrapped around centuries of craft involving multiple generations of the most skillful, patient and hard-working artisans, block printing is a thing of such a delicate beauty that cannot be left on its own to survive as a timeless tradition. It involves pressing a hand-carved wooden block that is dyed in a specific color on a surface such as textiles, papers or even other wooden surfaces. This activity is not kept a secret, but rather, it has spread fluently across various cultures around the world. 

It is believed that the craft truly originated in India, with its beginnings dating centuries back in the state of Rajasthan. Block printing is all about the magnificent, hand-carved designs that are majorly imprinted on teakwood and then pressed onto the fabric with paint or dye. This form of traditional art is one of the most respected and meticulous forms of fabric painting. 

The Japanese have their taste in-block printing. Their style of technique is known as Yuzen, which was initially practiced in the 17th century. Stencils and paint helped in creating vibrant, detail-oriented designs on the silk fabric. Therefore providing the resulting prints with both longevity and color. 

Another ancient method of fabric printing comes from the land of China, which usually includes hand-carving Chinese characters and symbols into a wooden block and pressing it onto the fabric after the dying of the block part. The process is still going on in China and that too at a mainstream level, thus proving that it’s an essential part of the Chinese culture. 

Block printing is a timeless form of artistry across various Asian nations. Its diverse hues and intriguing patterns make any product worth adoring for its beautiful creativity. 

How to wear a hand-block printed dress?

No wardrobe should be in such bad luck to not consist of a hand-block printed dress, a fashionable item with its magic of eternal beauty. The versatility in terms of design and comfort helps in adapting these garments smartly for any event. It also helps in expanding the scope of styling with all the available accessories one already has. In some cases, the looks of the dress can be tailored based on your sense of fashion. 

Try throwing a denim jacket to layer your outfit with something casual and add a pair of comfortable flats to nail the chic look. To look more dressed up, simply put on a combination of statement jewelry, a structured blazer and heeled sandals with your hand-printed dress. For a glamorous night out with your gang, get on some sparkling accessories with high heels. 

For achieving elegance in a tone of simplicity, dress up and don subtle jewelry with shoes of your choice, it can be anything from flats to sneakers. A tank top or a plain t-shirt also adds contrasting elements of texture and hues. 

A hand-block printed dress in itself is a complete assurance that you are meant to stand out no matter what you accessorize yourself with. So don’t worry, get one of these dresses and ace your styling for any event. 

The benefits of block printing

The relevance and growth of block printing as an ancient and precious art form, especially in the textile industry, sees no setbacks now and even in the future. This form of printing offers a unique, alluring touch to any article of clothing with many advantages. 

The advantages include many aspects, one of them is the compatibility with the goal of sustainability. The blocks used are majorly made from wood or rubber- 2 materials that are renewable in good environmental conditions. The blocks are easily reusable if you want to follow the same pattern carved on them for the upcoming set of fabrics. This minimizes the production of waste to significantly lower levels. The expenses incurred are cheap as well. That’s why the products sold are at a reasonable rate, the price range varies based on the amount of time required by the artisan to make the product. 

This way of printing is ideal for producing a diverse range of products, even in the same niche such as textiles, with a minimum amount of input. The delicate carving of the blocks is the major factor that leads to magnificent prints on fabrics. The act of carving is exposed to the artisan’s imagination and creative abilities that result in diversity. That can also be instrumental in having your personally customized dress on a special request, something which suits your taste. 

Finally, block printing is exceptionally durable. Even after multiple washes of hand-block printed dresses, the prints remain as fresh as new pieces. They are long-lasting colors that don’t fade away unlike other mass-produced garments. To conclude, block printing is an outstanding option for getting magnificent designs on garments. These garments come with sustainability, attention to detail, affordability and sturdiness. That’s why the hand-block printed dresses are one of the most desired pieces today, irrespective of whether they have a traditional or modern touch. 

Let's Wrap Up

Hand-block printed dresses are the perfect choice for fashion-conscious women who desire to stand out without sacrificing comfort. Durable, economical and traditional in style, the technique of block printing has a centuries-long history, now becoming increasingly sought-after in the past few years. With such a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, it is easy to customize the look to be your own.

When choosing hand-block printed dresses, be sure to source from ethical companies, using natural dyes and environmentally friendly production. Indolibas is a fantastic choice for quality, eco-friendly fashion with a classic feel. If you want to express your unique fashion sense, look no further than hand-block printed dresses!