Why Are Hand-Block Printed Fabrics Important?

Versatility, excellence, artistry, comfort, and cultural history, all these attractive words can be summoned together to describe the presence of hand-block printed fabrics. Therefore, it’s not easy to overlook the significance of hand-block printed fabrics from various points of view such as fashion, decor, culture, comfort, and other creative endeavors and aesthetics. Above all their versatile trait of blending in any setting or event at any time is the most evident reason for what makes them special. You can see the utmost appreciation for hand-block printed fabrics all around the world, especially in the South Asian region.

As a beautiful product of ancient art form, block printed fabrics are believed to have started in China, and from there came down to India as well. Today, they have become an integral part of the textile industry around the world. 

As necessary is the final product, and equally precious is the process behind it. This stands true for something like hand-block printing. The process has its charm and there’s no denying the endless amount of hard work required out of the very skilled artisans who have carried the art form of block printing for many generations. Let’s jump into the one-of-a-kind technique required to make one-of-a-kind fabric and also discuss various other reasons that make handblock printed fabrics an integral part of individual lives and more importantly, the fabrics of society as well. 

The Process of Hand-Block Printing On Fabrics

Let’s take you through the various steps of hand-block printing on fabrics so that you can understand that this art is not just a display of talent, but a crucial bridge between us and our ancestors. Understanding this process is a meaningful opportunity to attain gratefulness toward people who have kept the centuries-old tradition alive. Eventually, as the fusion of contemporary innovation with such tradition comes to fruition during our present, it lends hope in the future that this art will indeed flourish and keep mesmerizing people till the end of time. 

  • Design Creation: Talented artisans start by designing patterns and motifs on paper so that they can be finalized for the next step. The artisans find their inspiration from every bit of their surroundings. Since different forms of hand-block prints come from different cultures, different cultures therefore stem from artisans living in different places. 
  • Carving Blocks: Once a design is finalized, it is then proceeded to be carved on wooden blocks using specific tools.
  • Dye Preparation: Eco-friendly dyes are prepared from a diverse range of natural sources such as indigo, pomegranate, and more. 
  • Printing Process: The carved blocks are finally dipped into these dyes to proceed to the main step and finally, the skillful artists press these blocks firmly on the natural fabrics to leave a beautiful print.
  • Drying and Finishing: The colors on the natural fabric are left to dye in a shaded place. This is followed by ironing the fabric and giving other finishing touches for neatly refining the product.

The Art and its Timeline

The art of handblock printing has surely left its mark in the world of clothing material. Here, skilled artisans use wooden blocks to transfer intricate patterns onto fabrics, with each pattern having a unique origin of its own. 

The art form began its journey from being an integral part of the Chinese civilization and was later known to be a part of the Indian & Egyptian civilizations as well. Later on, with a few centuries passing, the art form spread over to parts of Europe and Japan as well. 

Over the years, block printing has spread across the globe with each region having its own way of portraying the final product from this extremely delicate process. From the vibrancy of Indian block printed fabrics to the meticulous beauty of Japanese prints, block printing evolved into a diverse and cherished tradition for most cultures in one way or another. 

Today, in the contemporary world, this art form continues to innovate itself by fusing with modern ideas for creativity while still being a tradition by its roots of procedure. Thus hand-block printing in itself is a traditional facilitator for the present growth of various industries such as fashion, decor, etc. all over the world. 

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