Fantastic Printed Fabrics That Suit Your Type

We live in a world that is full of constant pursuit of new colors, new patterns, and new overall looks. This is because as time passes and one gets used to wearing the same old dress or experiencing the same old house concerning the home decor, people get naturally inclined towards change. When one seeks fresh choices that can reflect a part of their persona, printed cotton fabrics stand out the most for everyone. Whether you are someone who enjoys the vibrancy brought out by floral prints or prefers the bold geometry of different shapes, there’s indeed a fantastic printed fabric out there that suits your type. Let’s dive into more about the different prints that shine to the elegance of a natural fabric and truly resonate with your taste for amazing aesthetics. But first, have a look at the different types of printing methods.

Various Types of Printing Methods

Printing is not just limited to your regular paperwork where you replicate whatever’s on the computer in the form of printed paper. It has been an art carried by generations for the ages. The art of printing natural fabrics has been carried out for centuries and is still a popular choice in the textile industry today. Following are the different kinds of printing methods executed on natural fabrics: 

  1. Hand-block Printing: Practiced for centuries and started by ancient civilizations. The human delicacy involved in hand-block printing never disappoints the ones heavily fond of hand-crafted products. 
  2. Screen Printing: Screen print cotton fabrics are made using a mesh to transfer ink on a substrate like, in this case, a fabric piece. Screen printing is a very important form of artistry in the general art culture and hence, is successful for its swift transition into the textile world as well. 
  3. Digital Printing: Digital printing involves putting digitally developed art pieces on a variety of media, including fabrics. Digital printed fabrics have been around the block for everyone who loves digital artwork and is fond of its artists.

The Beauty of Floral Fantasies

Floral prints are your absolute classics. These prints are the most popular and one of the oldest printing traditions that has been a catalyst for the fabric’s beauty for centuries. If you find yourself attracted to floral fabrics, it’s a usual thing to happen because of its timeless charm. You might also be someone who adores walking in a garden full of beautiful flowers and often leads their life with romanticism of little things.

From blossoms to blooms, both in delicate and bold representations, floral prints indeed come in a huge array of styles. Their varieties touch both ends of the spectrum between dainty & dramatic, and soft & vibrant.

How to Incorporate Floral Prints into Your Wardrobe:

  1. Floral Dresses: A floral dress is your go-to for any occasion and can swiftly lead you to becoming the center of attention. It’s an ideal pick for both casual and formal settings. Wear it alongside bright-colored sandals for a day at the beach or dress it up with heels for a dinner date! 
  1. Floral Accessories: Accessories such as floral scarves and handbags become an ideal fit for plain dresses as they spill shades of vibrant colors on your minimalist appearance, adding elements where it’s appropriate and that too without overdoing it. 
  1. Mix and Match: By putting the right judgment into the compatibility with the color palette, floral prints are indeed your ideal first choice to explore experimentation in any area of outlook by mixing and matching different kinds of floral prints.

Embracing Geometric Wonders

Geometric patterns are the perfect wonders for those who have modest, organized preferences when it comes to fashion, decor, or anything else in the creative endeavors of chasing the right appearance. These patterns convey order and boldness. These patterns are suited for the ones who likely appreciate staying spatially organized and feel satisfied with symmetric patterns coupled with an essence of minimalism.

You can get geometric patterns equipped for various aspects of life. Below are some of how you can do so.

How to Incorporate Geometric Prints into Your Style:

  1. Chic Workwear: Geometric-patterned blouses, skirts, or pants help refine your appearance based on the right combination of colors. They can create the ideal look for your office attire. 
  1. Home Decor: The love for geometric prints is irreplaceable once you see them adoring your cushions, furniture covers, etc. They can also take the form of wall art to enhance home decor. 
  1. Accessorize Smartly: Tote Bags made from printed cotton fabrics that consist of geometric patterns are perfect for fusing them with a Westernised outlook, such as with an oversized t-shirt or a cardigan.

The Timeless Appeal of Classic Stripes

Stripes, whether horizontal or vertical, have a unique charm because of their simplicity, the energy of which can never be replicated. You can call it simply amazing, simply beautiful, or simply mind-blowing. The fact that the concept of stripes works on “less is more” is simply evident. If you are drawn to classic stripes, you are perhaps an old-school enthusiast when it comes to being a textile fanatic.

As one-dimensional as they sound, surprisingly, you can get a variety of options in printed stripes based on different widths and colors.

How to Incorporate Classic Stripes into Your Wardrobe:

  1. Shirts: Embrace classic striped shirts like the navy-and-white striped shirt, a favorite of legendary fashion icons like Coco Chanel. 
  1. Bottoms: Striped skirts or pants are a great addition to your wardrobe. They are ideal for daylight or nighttime parties. For a magnificent combination, pair them with solid-colored tops and attain a balanced look.
  1. Layer with Stripes: Layering stripes can be fun but don’t set a monotonous vibe with the same striped pieces and try variations for each layer based on width and color. For example: accessorize with striped tote bags on your striped garment with different variations and prefer multiple striped designs for your bed sheets and pillow covers in home decor.

Some More Amazing Prints

Following are some more options you can look out for besides the ones given above for all your creative, compelling textile work.

Animal Prints: For a fierce preference that can accurately portray your assertive personality with how it looks, animal prints are your go-to choice for the same. The best way to apply animal-printed fabrics is to create a strong maxi dress that captures bold essence for any event. 

Marine Prints: If you are enthusiastic about the lives in the deep water, then marine prints like red shell hand-block prints or scallop shell screen prints can present your passion on point. These prints are best for interior designing in the form of a wall art project or for a maxi dress in a fashion sense. 

Abstract Ink Prints: These prints are the staple of a tangible description for an artistic soul. Abstract ink-printed fabrics are a popular choice for creating accessories such as handbags and scarves. Accessories with such prints are compatible with solid color dresses.


By now, you are equipped with the knowledge of the best varieties of printed designs and patterns that are suitable for all your ideas based on natural fabrics. Shop online with ease at Indo Libas, your ideal partner as a cotton fabrics manufacturer to celebrate your unique style, a taste of how you, the interiors of your house, or anything else looks completely based on your creative potential and ideas. So choose anything from hand-block printed to screen printed and digitally printed fabrics to buy now!